Dillon Winspear

UX Design Mobile // Domo


Hailing from the nether regions of St. Paul, Minnesota, I come from a family of testosterone. Growing up with 6 brothers has taught me to be hard-working, aggressive, and dedicated. I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Business Marketing but specialized in Graphic and Web Design. I love to work with people, but also need that outlet through art to keep me sane. I have found through the course of work experience that there is a large chasm between the business-minded marketing brain and the designer’s eye. I hope to be the bridge that fixes this gap, bringing the business mind to graphic function.

I met my wife Jane while at school at BYU-Idaho. She continues to be my source of motivation and drive. She too has a creative mind, excelling in the fine arts. Her paintings bless our home. We’ve got two young boys who work at 100mph like their dad but get their gentle characteristics from their mom. Being a father brings a whirlwind of emotions, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today we live in Lehi, Utah where we get to live close enough to the outdoors, but can still get a nice meal in town. As a family, we love to hike, camp, and anything else that gets us outdoors and allows us, boys, to take off our shirts and soak in the sun.

I have a strategic plan,

it’s called do things.

I tend to have a get-after-it attitude when it comes to challenges. It’s not in my blood to sit by passively and let things come to me. Make Your Own Luck summarizes this mindset.

Design is an evolving process

There are very few things in life you can knock out of the park on first try. Design. Refine. Repeat.

The rhyme & reason

Looking back over my short career, I realize that none of it would mean anything without my family by my side. Very few things can motivate me like the love for these amazing individuals. They each mean so much, and better me as a man. I know it’s uncommon to read so much about one’s family on a design portfolio, but this piece is crucial to who I am.

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