One of the simple joys I discovered in 2017 was how much I can enjoy a good podcast. It started as a need for entertainment or brain movement in the early hours of the day. At least for me, heavy punk music just doesn’t work at 6:00 am. I turned to the Apple podcast app to explore what was available.

Months later, I’ve got a dozen different shows saved in my library, if you’re interested in which ones, let me know in the comments.

When David Meyer reached out to tell me about a new podcast he was working on, I was beyond excited to jump on the chance to get on his show. Recently, David started a podcast called Creative Calls. It was his idea to interview creatives who you haven’t heard of before, I was OK with the backhanded compliment.

In this podcast, we talk about some of my background and my conversion into UX design. Additionally, you can learn about a failed apparel company and some cool apps that I’ve been a part of.

Give it a listen and let me hear what you think. If you’d prefer not to hear my voice, subscribe to his podcast and listen to the new things he’s pumping out.

iTunes link: Creative Calls

Anchor link: Creative Calls