I love the hustle. I love my work. I love design.

I’ve always been drawn to the hustle. I live by the mantra “You make your own luck” because I firmly believe that I am the captain of my ship. Whether this ship floats or sinks falls squarely on my shoulders. I also believe that if you aren’t happy with your lot in life, do something about it.

This is my obligatory blog post after seeing “The Greatest Showman”

P. T. Barnum was self-made. Go ahead and jump to wiki to learn all the “facts” you’d like. Regardless of some of the more hotly debated topics or decisions he made in life, he was self-made and you can’t knock that. I’d rather focus on the fantasy of P. T. Barnum portrayed in the movie because it hit a certain spot in my chest that caused reflection.

There is this energy that I’ve carried my entire adult life that craves opportunity. I believe it’s what lead me to pursue a “side hustle” all while being successfully employed. There is this desire to “want more” not for the sake of having more, but for the sake of accomplishing goals.

Sometimes, however, you’ve just got to slow your roll.

It’s easy to forget the people you’ve met, the support you’ve been given, and unfortunately the loved ones around. It’s in the pursuit that they are often the ones who pay the price for the hustle.

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” – Barnum

I wanted to slow down tonight, purely to express gratitude to my wife and 3 beautiful children. They are the entire rhyme and reason why I put the work in each day. We have family goals. We have family dreams. While I want to achieve it for myself, I truly want to achieve it for them.

Thank you, Jameson and Sawyer, for reminding me that being a dad is a full-time job, and always forgiving me for my mistakes. Thank you, Hadley, for being the smile that grounds me in reality. Thank you, Jane, for endlessly showering me with love, support, and patience through my wild tangents. You guys are the real heroes here.

The grind and the hustle are only worth it because I’ve got you four by my side.