Over the last couple blog posts, I’ve mentioned my new found love for podcasts. I’ve had a few individuals reach out and ask me for the name of my favorites and I thought I’d list those out in case you’d like to subscribe and listen along.

Gary Vee

Hands down, the best content creator across all social platforms. If you’re looking for actionable inspiration from someone with a “Make your own luck” attitude, look no further. When the podcasts aren’t enough to fuel your fire, check out some of his books. I’m currently reading Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook. If you’re in the social marketing space, this is a must-read.

Next month marks the release of his new book, Crushing It! I’m stoked for this one.

Art of Manliness

This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I really wish I could figure out what brought me here. Oh yah!  About two years ago I was heavily entrenched in this idea of “the gentleman” and the skills that culture has lost. Over the course of a TON of reading, I stumbled across this website called The Art of Manliness. One of the first articles I read was something like 100 skills every man should know. BAM. I loved it. Hundreds of podcast episodes later, AOM continues to deliver solid gold.

Joe Rogan Experience

Imagine you’ve got a three-hour road trip or flight somewhere, and you’re all alone. Maybe music is your thing and you can jam for hours on end. But maybe not. I started listening to Rogan while I was woodworking in the garage. I can easily spend half a day in the garage working on a project, and with Joe Rogan and his guests in my ear, it feels like I’m hanging with some friends casually chatting.

If you’re looking for solid entertainment, listen to his episode with Tom Delong from Blink 182. The conspiracy and ufo theories this Guy believes is amazingly hilarious.

Honorable mentions:

Silicon Slopes – Local podcast on the Utah tech scene.

Lore – 20 to 30 min short spook stories based on history or loose facts.

How I built this – Cool interviews with big-name CEO and Founders that you’d recognize.