[nectar_dropcap color=”#1e83ec”]A[/nectar_dropcap]s I sit here at my desk tonight working on this website, I’ve got a little bit of MTV’s Rediculousness playing in the background. The guest tonight… Robbie Maddison. I didn’t recognize the name, but as soon as he had his introduction and they showed some of his career highlights, I immediately knew who he was.

I’m going to make a guess and say you’ve seen his videos. At least one of them…

This video was the first I pulled up after a quick google search. Mind. Blown. A sponsored Red Bull athlete, Robbie has made a name for himself by looking fear in the face. I’ll keep this brief tonight. I love finding inspiration in the amazing things people are doing all around us. Facing fear. Living life. Doing what they love. Breaking down barriers. This is where the artists thrive.

“It’s all about crossing the fear barrier.

Regardless of the consequences,

you’re going to do it anyway.”

Fear can eat away at our creativity. Fear of wasting time. Fear of doing something, or designing something, that nobody will appreciate. Fear of not being able to stack up against your peers. This debilitating fear will keep us from growing and doing what we love.

Moral of the story…

Fear comes at us in all different shapes and sizes. Look past it. Cross the barrier and press on regardless of the consequences.