Joining me from Australia is the super talented Kyrillos Samaan. He’s a Principal UX Designer with Fox Sports, and has a ton of background in freelance/contract design work as well. One of the most important topics we cover in this episode is the idea of “checklist” design. Meaning too often designers are going down the checklist of things they need to do in order to create a great product. Personas, check. Journey Map, check. Stakeholder interviews, check. And on it goes… The issue is that unless we understand what VALUE we get out of these checklist items, we miss the purpose of doing them altogether. Creating a product following a UX process isn’t like a recipe, its a playbook. It’s important to know and understand when it’s appropriate to call a certain play.

Give this episode a listen and learn how you can begin to create your own UX playbook to better prepare yourself and speed up your UX process.

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